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Much has been accomplished in the area of gender rights, but as your page discloses, there is yet much that needs to be done My own page: PRESS FOR CHANGE IN GENDER RIGHTS IN AMERICA..Http://www.angelofire.comj/journal2/pfcigria please stop by for a visit Hugs Jonnie
Comment by: Jonnie Lovinger
Crescent City, California USA
Christie Sweetie, I wish you all the best with your fight. I am a pre-op TS and can understand the pain you are going through and my heart and prayers will be with you. I am very proud of your courage for your fight will help all of us. I hope to be married after my surgery if I can ever afford it. Love Susan
Comment by: Susan Michelle McQueen
Bogalusa, Louisiana USA
Nice site ......Keep your head up girl don't ever let them get you down.....
Comment by: KATELYN
Greenup, Ky. USA
I hope that things are going better for you and yours. I understand, I'm a TSwoman myself,though I am not yet married.
Comment by: Kendra A. Moore
Mesa, Arizona USA
Thank you for your courage. I don't know if I would have had the same strength of character you have shown in the face of such discimination. I am a 40y/0 preop MTF living with HIV. I will never have surgery, but will live a very long life according to my doctors. Do you think the ruling in your case will have any bearing on whether or not a non-op ts will have legal marriage rights?
Comment by: Jackie Burnett
Portland, OR USA
My thoughts and prayers are with you. May you find tha happiness and justice that you so obviously deserve.
Comment by: Timothy
We would love to have you speak at our church in Austin. It is the University Baptist Church. Go to and sign in and publicize your site along with the blatant injustice done to you!! You go girl!
Comment by: Edward Burns CPA
Austin, Texas USA
i think post operation trasexual girl need to be a lady from her heart... i am post opetion transexual girl from bangkok... a man and female can not undertsand all of transexual girl.. if a man or women need to know all.. they shuold require a god to be a post operation transexual girl in their next life.... i beleive gay and transexual born to be.... gay born ot be gay.. man bon to be man. women born to b a women.. transexual born ot be a transexual... human make a rules and law.... i know mostly people to be a real man and real women... please understand ... gay and transexual to be a human too... not to be a monster. gay and transexual have a heart and feeling... marrage up to 2 people who need to live together and have a everything together.... if man marry with a man... up to 2 man to be contract about they life.. if a man marry with a post ope ts girl ... up to them too.
Comment by: korawan siriviriyapoon
bangkok, Thailand
Hi Christie, Hope that you are doing well these days. Just to let you know that I am working quietly in the hopes of making it easier for post op TS's to be able to marry within the catholic church. Please keep me in your prayers and know that you are always in mine. Peace and love to you and keep up the good work! spunky PS Shame on Jessica Wicks and Lori Killough!! There are better ways to fight for "same sex marriage" than to throw away our right to be recognized in our reassigned gender. Shame! Shame! Shame!
Comment by: spunky
near Houston, Texas USA
This case was very interesting to me. Its amazing how narrow-minded some people are
Comment by: Jacquelynn Palmer
Springfield, OH USA
Great site :o) Best wishes to you Nuttycat
Comment by: Nuttycat
I just wante to write ans send a virtual hug ((((Christie)))) and let you know we are still fighting the battle with you hun. I am attempting to be recognized by the State of Idaho and a corporate employer as a transgendered human being. I dont believe any thing will come of it due to the mentality of the residents of this shameful state, but what I am intending is to educate and let people know that "we" are just like them and have the same needs and capacities to love and be loved. I continuously pray for you and your plight. The great thing is, time after time, it is proven that what goes around comes
Comment by: Renee Benner
Boise, Idaho USA
I really enjoyed meeting you in person at NTAC Lobby Days. You are very beautiful and I can't understand why the courts would go to such lengths to prove you are not a woman, when clearly are. I admire your strength and you set the example for others to follow by not being ashamed of who you are and showing lobve and compasion for others. I look forward to seeing you again in the furture. It was a honor to meet you. Hugs, Joney
Comment by: Joney
Raleigh, NC USA
Of course we never suspected a backward judge would reverse our legal standing to do us such harm upon our husbands' deaths; however, if the American Taliban is set on attacking people with our former disease, then we are the ones to endure. I could not have done so without your support, dignity, and honor breaking the waves before me. Your strength to continue to fight for justice and our marriages everywhere in the U.S. is inspiring. As humane and consistent with science as the KS Appeals court opinion is, I face perhaps many more indignities by the courts and a total destruction of the private life I worked so hard to build. Be that as it may, I am proud to serve this country as my husband did before me. He fought tyranny abroad and we are fighting tyranny at home. May we help this country become better tomorrow than it is today. May our lives spare the lives of thousands of families to come. May we never succomb to the bullies who attack us in the name of religion, politics, flags, or any other excuse to avoid thinking of their own miserable lives. Some day all people of conscience will look back at your case, Christie, and see it for the atrocity that it is. Please continue being the strong, proud, beautiful womon you have always been. Blessed be! j*n

Christie, Thank you soooo very much for having the strength to continue fighting this horrible battle of our basic rights in life. You are a wonderful person and I certainly look up to you and hope I may maintain half of your strength and determination!! My prayers are with you!!! ~~God Bless~~ Renee
Comment by: Renee B
Boise , Idaho USA
As long as this "free" country does not protect ALL loving, caring, and interdependent relationships between two consenting adults, there always will be some TAXPAYING CITIZENS left out, being burnt at the stake. (Yes, transgender people pay taxes, too!) Can we really afford to sacrifice more human beings by stripping them from basic human rights and dignity? How brutal is it to question the MARRIAGE between two loving people, who WERE legally married in another state, instead of focusing on the fact that one human being DIED?! How cruel is it to go to court and hear that your marriage is not valid while you JUST LOST your LOVED ONE!? Are we really thinking that we are a civilized country? People in Europe and other parts of the world have a hard time believing how this free country (mis)treats its gay/lesbian/transgender citizens. America, it's time to wake up!
Comment by: Chris Haiss
Los Angeles, California USA
Yes, there really is a place called "Normal, IL."! I find it appaling that gay and lesbian marriages are begining to be allowed in certain places in the US, but the union of two people, one male and one female (regardless of whether their current gender is primary or secondary) is considered null and void. Seems not only very unfair, but "bass ackwards" to me.
Comment by: Laura Nicole Mars
Normal, IL USA
Christie, I am so very sorry to have read about your situation. It is ashame that the people are so ignorate that they only see what they wish to see. We are starting to allow just a few people decide what is right and what is wrong. I am hoping that one day your case will be reverised for I to will surely be in the same boat with you one day. With all the best to you, Mrs. Michelle Hardy (Kelly) PS. Tell Philis I said hello.
Comment by: Michelle Hardy
Grayson, Georgia USA
There was a story in the Kansas City Star recently about a married TS whose husband died. She assumed his assets, but, his children sued on the basis that the TS was actually a man and the marriage was illegal. The court here upheld that opinion and, after several years of marriage to the man, she lost everything they had built over the years. By the way, she is an economics professor at a local university here. We have a long way to go, evidently. I am TS myself, so I have a special interest in these issues.
Comment by: Laura Black
Kansas City, MO USA

I love your web page. Please keep up the fight for us girl. we need girls like you to keep us going for a better life for all of us. You very pretty
Comment by: Sharon Lovely
Worcester MA, USA
Bad news on the October 2 decision - I don't know much about American law so I don't know what happens next. We have a transsexual memeber of our House of Representatives in my country - I hope that indicates such legal craziness is less likely to happen in NZ. All I can say is Hang In There Mrs Littleton! Hugs, Paula
Comment by: Paula
Dunedin, Otago New Zealand
Dear Christie: My heart goes out to you at this time of frustration and indignation over the cowardice of the US Supreme Court, and of the Texas Supreme Court, and the ignorance of both law and fact exhibited by two of the three judges on the appellate level, and of course, the trial judge. You were denied a fair hearing. Only Judge Lopez got it right in her appellate dissent, and even her dissent was on procedural grounds. As a procedural matter, summary judgment was not appropriate in your case. You have good attorneys in Alyson Meiselman and Phyllis Frye, and I hope there is some sort of rabbit they can pull out of their hat that will give you an opportunity to be heard. You and your team have until October 27th, and I pray that you not take the disappointing miscarriage of justice, that you have experienced thus far, as the end of the fight. It should not be over. Sincerely, Joann Prinzivalli
Comment by: Joann Prinzivalli
White Plains, NY USA
Christie, I think that the courts showed their conservative red-neck bent on your decision. I hope that you prevail in the US Supreme Court. Let's hope that Bush isn't picking the justices by then! My partner and I were the second couple to be married in San Antonio, one week after the Wicks. We feel bad that the window of opportunity for us was occasioned by your misfortune. Best of luck in the future. Lori
Comment by: LORISUE 2
I know I tried my best in this case. And the pain of this defeat is heavy on my mind. My heart is saddened that the injustice to my sister, Christie Lee Littleton, I was not able to fend off. To all of you that helped in this monumental effort, I am proud of you. And greatfull for your support. To those who worked so hard at encouraging our failure you will now reap the benefits of your acts. I hope for you that the pain Christie Lee has suffered is visited upon you ten fold. For those of you who were SILENT, please remember that when you are dehumanized, like Christie Lee was, there will be no one to help you. I am proud of the work I did! I hope one day that someone uses the foundation of the Petition to bring another, and another, and another until our rights are secured. I hope that everyone learned that silence and the trap of the "security" of the closet, is the wrong path. Christie Lee did more to honor the memory of her husband, and her relationship with him, than most other humans ever do for their mate. Yours, .....Alyson
Comment by: Alyson Dodi Meiselman
North Potomac, Maryland USA
Got the news this morning regarding the case before the Supreme getting denied. I expected as much as we have three senior judges waiting to retire. This being such a difficult case, being this is an election year, and the political ramifications and far setting case law of the land was too much for these folks to deal with at this time. In the works in the United Kingdom is currently legislation regarding rights for Transsexual folks to modify their birth certificates which will extend to marriage rights. Here in California, we do have domestic partnership relationship agreements which is similar to rights folks have in a marriage. On a lot of levels, I do not blame the State of Texas for not wanting to deal with Christie's case as it might/would have far reaching effects on W's political career... I keep reminding folks that it is a court of law...not a court of justice, and that he who has the gold rules... We may have lost this issue/battle for clarity at this time, and let us not forget the war is not lost. We people have become global citizens now in a world market economy... Maybe it is better to have international rights later for all? Life is so short, and in heaven if you are a believer... we will be married to no one.
Comment by: Lisa Kassner
Los Angeles, California USA
this site is great! i hope that many people in the university of houston law center will visit it. i'm including it on a flyer promoting the speaking engagement of Phyllis Randolph Frye here at the law center on Oct 5 at 12:00, rm 211 in bldg TU2.
Comment by: Whitney Blair
Houston, TX USA
It always amazes me how change often comes about, not thru purposeful action, but thru seeking justice on an individual level. We often credit advances in civil rights to grandiose schemes contrived by groups of people that we later imbue with almost mystical wisdom and abilities. But the truth is, most of the civil rights advances that we enjoy today are a credit to the individuals that had the courage to stand up for themselves, and to confront the injustice and subjugation heaped upon them by the evil laws in this society. Christee Lee Littleton is obviously one of these brave souls. Regardless of whether she set out to challenge the gender norms in this patriarchy we all live in, when confronted with that challenge, she did not turn back. That makes her a heroine of the highest order IMHO. I personally stand to gain immensely from her endeavors, as do all of my Queer family. Blessings follow you wherever your path may lead Mrs. Littleton! Whether it is apparent to you or not, we are with you.
Comment by: rhiannon johns
Colorado Springs, CO USA
Hi Christie, I was born in KY and was successful in changing my B/C. I was deeply saddened to hear of your case. As a fellow "het" post-op (10 yr), I'm on your side. Though I'm not yet married I likely will be in the future (been proposed to twice) I am concerned with the implications for all of us who wish to do so. email me you ever want to chat. spunky PS What to you think of the Wick marriage? I fear it may hurt us more than help.
Comment by: spunky
Boston, MA USA
Christie you have my support. I am a 48 yr old FTM in California and we are fighting with many injustices in the community here. However, this is not just a community issue, it's a right to life issue, a right to love and share your life with who you wish. Since when does our chromosomes matter when it comes to justice. Since when does it matter whether you are male or female if you are raped, your raped, if you are physically, mentally or emotionally abused, you have a right to justice, EVERYONE DOES, OR SHOULD. The justice system no longer protects any of us. I am here for You Christie, in California. If you need anything, let me know. Michael
Comment by: Michael McDermott
Canyon Country, CA USA
Despite 800 years, we still live in a medevil society. It's a shame.
Comment by: Gary Crawford
Vancouver, WA USA
I learned alot from reading the various case hearings. I recently got in touch with an old friend from high school and found he is wanting to be and has been feeling inside as a woman.He has not, but will have the surgry and has a fiance(female) he wants to marry after the surgury.I am a conservative but do understand the problems these rulings can create.
Comment by: Tammy Holland
San Antonio, Texas USA
As a member of the Justice Ministry Team at Resurrection MCC in Houston, I'd like to offer our support for your cause. Please let me know if there is anything the church can do to lend its support for your struggle and the struggle of all transgenders/transsexuals. You are in my prayers. God Bless you and give you strength.
Comment by: Tamara Jones
HOuston, TX USA
I feel so bad for what your going through and I hope that you beat the system at the wrong doings that there doing. I'm just a cd now but when I do have the surgery I hope to be known as a woman and not a man. My thoughts are with you. Lisa
Comment by: Lisa Marie Burnette
christiansburg, Va USA
I'm so glad to have found this site. I've reported on your case on the local news here in NYC where I'm news editor at WBAI/Pacifica Radio. The actions taken by the courts in Texas are heinous examples of the degree to which greed and intolerance will go to deny basic human rights and dignity to those of us who dare to aspire to the happiness and fullness of life our persecutors take for granted.
Comment by: Andrea Sears
Brooklyn, NY USA
I have been following this case for some time, and myself being post-op transsexual am more than concerned about my rights too as a person. I too have a birth certificate from the state of North Dakota and a current driver's license from the state of California both having an "F" on it for a legal designation as to my name/sex/gender. My concern is this:... Who can I legally marry... A man or a woman? Here is my home page... ...Am I a man or a woman?
Comment by: Lisa Jayne Kassner
Los Angeles, California USA
I have been following this case for some time, and myself being post-op transsexual am more than concerned about my rights too as a person. I too have a birth certificate from the state of North Dakota and a current driver's license from the state of California both having an "F" on it for a legal designation as to my name/sex/gender. My concern is this:... Who can I legally marry... A man or a woman?
Comment by: Lisa Jayne Kassner
Los Angeles, California USA
Being Preop MTF Ts And Runing For City council. It would be like if I win in Nov. And my aponet trying to have me disqualafide for the same reason. I shure hope she wins in the final end.I think they have fialated her Civel Rights under Us law. The right to pursu happenes whitch is aright all pepole in the world have. She has GOD and the law on her side. With all my love. Cluadet Fay Eikenberry.
Comment by: Cluadete Fay Eikenberry
Springfield, Oregon USA
My thoughts are with you good luck
Comment by: Candace Kennedy
Bordentown, NJ USA

Comment by: Candace Kennedy
Bordentown, NJ USA
I'm a pre-op TS, with my surgery scheduled for mid 2001. A friend of my mine, informed me of your story. I'm saddened of your plight, and again, we will always be a TS. My heart goes out to you and your family. Best Wishes; Nicole
Comment by: Nicole Kucera
San Jose, Calif. USA

Comment by: Kat Starwolf
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
When I can later, this week, I will read this site. I will try to be home to watch tomorrow night. This was directed to me by Ms Alice Barnes, of San Bruno, CA, with whom you probalbly have had contact. Al
Comment by: Al Moore
Napa, California USA
Success is truly measured by our ability to Love and by those that Love us. How small one's world must be by limiting that circle of joy. I've many human beings that I cherish as friends and will pass from this world knowing that my hand and heart was held out to all in genuine trust and friendship. My hopes and prayers are with you.
Comment by: Karlyne Johnson
Santa Paula, Calif. USA
We must remember, hermana, no matter what the bullies call us or do to us, they are merely miserable in their own marriages and are jealous of how much we love and are loved by our husbands. You are a profile in courage, dear, and I am thankful that I am not alone. Blessed be! j*n

My Deepest Condolences on the loss of your husband! My heart aches to know that you have had to endure so many losses on so many levels. I have just become aware of your story and my prayers are with you! I myself am not a bio male but FTM and your struggles are now my struggles too!! The voice of one may go unnoticed..but the voice of millions WILL NOT be ignored!! God Bless Vincent
Comment by: Vincent
smallsville (narrowmindedtown), Ontario Canada
As a post op hermaphrodite ...i can understand the wrong doing of this case my prayes got out to you and your legal team...I wish you all the best.....And one more thing YOU GO GIRL....for all of us
Comment by: Stephanie Tia Calewarts
green bay , wisc USA
Excellent web page. Very informative and educational. Best of luck with the Supreme Court. Mitchell
Comment by: Mitchell Katine
Houston, Texas USA
Hi Christie Lee! Just stopped by to see the current version. Things are moving along. Brin & Brin have until Friday, August 4, 2000, to file their response to the Petition for Certiorari. Keep well. .....Alyson
Comment by: Alyson Meiselman
North Potomac, MD USA
COMMENT: I believe Ms. Littleton's situation is unfortunate and commend you for your efforts. I notice that you are soliciting tax-deductible contributions via this website, which also contains a link to Ms. Littleton's for-profit business enterprise. As you should be aware, federal tax law prohibits tax-exempt entities from utilizing their resources to in any way provide support to for-profit enterprises. Accordingly, I suggest that you remove the link to Ms. Littleton's business from this website.

RESPONSE: This website is neither owned nor operated by THRF, and THRF has no ties to this site in any way -- funds solicitations have not been suggested by THRF to the domain owner.
Thanx for the site&links.
Comment by: Stevie Carpenter
Granbury, Texas USA
Good luck with the Supreme Court! I applaud your effort and work for you, me, and transsexuals everywhere! --tracey
Comment by: Tracey Jaquith
San Francisco, CA USA
I have just returned from DC where I along with several other trans activists lobbied the Congress. While there I heard Riki speak about Christie. This should not happen in this day and age and if there is anything I can do to help, please ask. Diane Arnold
Comment by: Diane M. Arnold
Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA
Christie, you have some kind of gift to be able to go through what the system is trying to push you through. God bless you in you endeavor to win, win, win. I'm with ya Gal and lots luck. Being 32 years Post-op and 62 years young now, I figured that kind of stuff was long gone. Guess I was dead wrong about that though. I know society doesn't want to hear about out little old birth defect(s) but shame on them. As for the government, they should look in the mirror and they'll see themselves looking back as back biting hippocrite's for sure. Lets fight em Christie. What can I do? Kathie said it
Comment by: Kathie
Memphis, Tn USA
Christie My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Comment by: Joanne Mahlmeister
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
You have my condolences on the wrongful death of your husband, and of the neccessity of the battle you are fighting to be legally recognized so you will be able to bring the person who caused his death to justice.
Comment by: David Dahlgren
Renton, Washington USA
This case has jeopardized many more marriages than just the one being argued over. Many other marriages may hang in the balance from the judicial fiasco created by Phil Hardberger. I look forward to seeing a swift conclusion to this, and Justice Hardberger's decision overturned. I have a close friend who just recently married and another who married late last year. I don't want to see them go through a similar hell like Christie Lee is still going through. Voiding these marriages could have devastating consequences for these people. I sincerely hope that the 'good old boy' justice system here in central Texas can understand this, and put away the kangaroo suits judges call robes.
Comment by: Denise Volovar
San Antonio, Texas USA
I am with you Christie.

Taos, NM USA
Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions about this important court case here on the website. This case can affect hundreds of thousands of people all over the world if the present decision is allowed to stand. Christie needs your support in her fight. The dedication of her present legal team and the funding support of the Texas Human Rights Foundation is making this whole effort possible.
Comment by: Tere Prasse
San Antonio, TX USA

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