Links to Websites Dealing with 
Gender Issues and Determination
(please e-mail Tere Prasse with any other appropriate Internet website links)
LawRunner Legal Research

Phyllis Randolph Frye's TransgenderLegal Website
(Repository of transgender law)

Intersex Society of North America

International Journal of Transgenderism
contains many "must read" works for followers of this case

Sexuality, Gender and the Law: National & International

Human Genome Project
Judicature: Genes and Justice
The Judges' Journal

Human Chromosome X
Human Chromosome Y
XY Females -- Missing SRY sequence / SRVX mutations
and XX Males -- Missing TDF sequence

Also XX Males -- TDFA / partial Y material
XX Male Syndrome

Automsomal Sex Reversal
Campomelic Dysplasia - Autosomal Sex Reversal
Gonadal Dysgenesis - XY Female
Sex Determining Factors
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS)
And also AIS
Reifenstein Syndrome - Partial AIS
Pseudovaginal Perinealscrotal Hypospadias - Male Pseudohermaphrodism
Adrenal Hyperplasia -- Male Pseudohermaphrodism
Male Hypogonadism - Various Degrees of Feminization
Monosome X - X0
XYY Patterns (both Male and Female)
Transsexuality - Brain Structure (BSTc)
(see also Nature article on above -- IJT website)
Sex Determination -- Excellent summary

Search National Center for Biotechnology (HGP data)

{Editor's Note: HGP uses "female" and "male" based on phenotype not genotype;
phenotype is genital configuration; genotype is chromosome pattern. We also
believe that the above list, which is not all inclusive, shows the error of the
Texas 4th Court of Appeals in its simplistic, ignorant of science approach
to determination of sex via chromosomes alone.}

Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association

International Conference on Transgender Law
and Employment Policy

International Foundation for Gender Education

Press for Change

It's Time America

Webmaster Nick has a Christie Lee Info Page

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) Support Group

Gender Advocacy Internet News (GAIN)

Nancy Nangeroni & Gordene MacKenzie

Legal Support: Texas Human Rights Foundation
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