How to Create a Table in Word Easily Without Complicated

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The use of tables will be very useful for attaching data more clearly and in detail. You can use Microsoft Word as an alternative medium. For those of you who want to use Microsoft, you must first understand how to create a table in Word.

Microsoft word, apart from being used to process words, can also be used to write letters, insert pictures, convert documents, and so on. Creating a table in Microsoft, will be very much easier than you create a table using other software.

So, how exactly do I create this table? the following will be shared steps that will guide you in full.

How to Create a Table in Word

For how to create a table in word, you can use the insert tab or you can directly use the insert menu.

1). Using the Insert Tab

In Microsoft word, there is a tab insert feature. Look for the feature at the top. When you have found it, you can click it right away and an option will appear.

The main options that will appear are table, picture, online picture, and shapes. According to your needs, then you just select a table to directly create a table.

After selecting the table menu, you just have to choose the rows and columns of your table. The maximum number of rows and columns you can create is 10*8. The smallest row and column you can create is 1*1. This will make it easier to create a table in word.

By choosing to use the insert tab menu means you can create a larger table and more rows and columns. You can set the number of rows and columns yourself according to your needs.

How to enter text into a table

Creating a table in Microsoft word You can also enter text or writing. So, it’s not just making the table.

First, you have first created the table, then you click the table column where you want to enter text or writing. So, you also have to have the text you want to insert into the table.

After you feel that the text is in accordance with the table column, then you can immediately save it.

How to Modify a Table in Word

For your own modification, you can add colors and delete rows or columns that have already been created. What you like, want to create and modify what your table looks like.

Deleting Rows and Adding Color to the Table

You can delete unnecessary rows. You can delete not only rows, but also columns, cells, and even tables.

The trick, you just need to go to the layout tab. After that, select whatever you want to delete. There are several options. There are delete cells, rows, columns, and tables.

In addition to being able to create and delete rows, the next modification you can add colors. color is also important, so that the table does not seem monotonous.

To add color, it’s quite easy. The first step, select the table. To change the color, please go to the design menu. Next, select the color that is on the borders tab. Choose a color. Finally, click OK to accept the changes.

Well, that was the discussion about how to create a table in word. This software will be very useful for creating tables. Creating a table here is also quite easy. You can be creative all you want. Starting from creating, entering writing, to modifying.

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