How to Convert Word to Pdf Easily

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There are two types of documents that are quite popular. Whether it’s among students, to people who work in offices. These two types of documents are different from each other. That difference is what makes the answer to the problem of how to convert word to pdf arise.

The types of documents in question are word and pdf documents. These two types of documents, many people already know and are very common.

Word document (Doc) is a type of document for word processing contained in Microsoft Word software. In contrast to PDF Documents or Portable Document Formats, the document files are designed by Adobe Systems as a digital document exchange.

Often problems arise regarding how to convert a word document to PDF. Those of you who have the same problem, don’t worry. Here are some ways to convert word to pdf. Of course in an easy and easy way you do.

How to Convert Word to PDF Using Microsoft

The first software that you can use is Microsoft Word. This excellent software, besides being used to process words, can also be used to change file formats.

In Microsoft Office for writing, there is a save option feature. You can choose what format you want to save the file in. One of them, save the word into a PDF.

As for how to save it, it’s very easy. The first step is to open the word document that you want to convert into a PDF. After opening the document, you select save as to save again. When it is entered in your storage page, change the file format.

How to change the file format, select save as type and select PDF. After changing the format, you select save to save the changed document again. The document, too, has been turned into a PDF.

How? Easy isn’t it? Besides Microsoft Word, you can also try some other software. For example WPS and Google Drive. Here are the steps.

Changing Documents Using WPS

This software is software similar to Microsoft Office. Besides being similar, WPS has the advantage that it can be used for free. WPS is a software developed by Kingsoft. WPS offers the main features of writer, presentation, and sheets.

Not only that, WPS also has a feature to change the file format. Here is how to convert word to pdf using WPS.

Open the document in WPS. After that, click the menu and select the export to PDF menu. Next, select the page to save the file. Finally, just click the export to PDF menu and the file has changed to PDF format.

Changing Documents Using Google Drive

Finally, the software that you can try is Google Drive. You definitely have a Google account. Take advantage of this feature of Google Drive to change document formats.

How to convert word to pdf using Google Drive is very easy. Here are the steps.

The first step, upload the word file first to Google Drive. After the upload process is complete, open the word file using Google Docs. After that, select the PDF format and the document is downloaded. Check the results, to make sure that the document has been converted to PDF.

Well, that was the discussion about how to convert word to pdf easily. In conclusion, choose software that allows for your condition. Also pay attention to any shortcomings dar each software.

For example, if you use WPS or Google Drive, the drawback is that the initial font format will be changed automatically. Things like this you should pay attention to before using.

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