How to Activate Ms Office 2016

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How to Activate Ms Office 2016 – Microsoft office or what we often call ms office is software that is used to process and store data in the form of letters and numbers.

Ms Office is very supportive for daily tips activities. What are Microsoft Office? Ms office contains Microsoft word, excel, power point, outlook, and onenote. These various software really support our daily work activities.

However, have you activated Microsoft Office? If not, here is a review of the importance and how to activate MS Office 2016.

The Importance of Activating Ms Office 2016

Activation in Microsoft Office is very important. The reason is, Microsoft Office that has been activated will provide better services. In Microsoft Office that you have activated, you can use the one-click service.

This service will make it easier for you to use MS Office software. Both on the PC and on the gadget. The one-click feature will allow you to open various software on various devices.

So, your work will be completed faster because you can access your work via a smartphone. You no longer need to sit at the computer during work hours. Because you can do your tasks through the MS Office account on the smartphone.

How to Activate Ms Office 2016

After knowing the importance of activating MS Office. Here are 2 ways that you can do to activate MS Office 2016. You can choose one of the following methods or try them one by one.

Before that, you may still be confused. Is your Microsoft already active or not. How to do the check is quite easy. Go to MS Word, then select File > Account > About Word.

Then search for the command prompt by typing cmd in the software search field. Then, click run as administrator and then type C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16. Type cscript ospp.vbs/dstatus again. If MS Office has been activated, then the license status section says the word LICENSED.

1 Using the Product Key

The first way to activate Microsoft Office is to use a product key. You can usually get the product key from Microsoft. However, there is also a product key that you can find on the internet from various blogs.

First, to activate Microsoft Office you must open one of the documents from MS Office. For example, you open MS Word software. Next, click activate to start activating.

Select Enter Product Key, then enter the 25-digit product key you already have in the box provided and then Continue. Select reedem online, then login to your microsoft account. You can sign up to create an account. Next Finish Activation to end the activation. Congratulations, Microsoft Office activation has been completed.

2 Using Activator Software

If you don’t have a product key, don’t worry. You can activate it using the Activator software to activate Microsoft Office. One type of activator software is KMSpico. First, you have to download the software.

Now many have shared KMSpico through their blogs. Extract the file and then open it. Right click on KMSpice.exe and run as administrator by clicking run as administrator. Then, the activation process will run.

Wait for the Microsoft Office activation process to complete. When finished, the KMSpico window will close by itself. That’s a sign, your MS Office has been successfully activated. Hopefully this information is useful for you.

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