Commentary on the Littleton Case

To my Texas LGBT and SOFFA friends,

Last night was the Houston Unity Banquet. The six local TG groups plus the local lgbt political caucus, lgbt chamber of commerce and PFLAG, plus some spouses and a dozen TG folks who drove in from Austin -- all told, approximately 200 people in a luxurious hotel banquet hall with wonderfully thought out table decorations by the local planning committee and an opening slide show of the year in review of TG activity in Houston -- did it up supreme. There are too many to thank for the wonderful evening, but I will select Desiree Walton, who was the chair -- and whom I presented with the Peoples Choice Award -- for thanks and ask her to spread them around.

It is a MUST for all Texas TG and LGB and SOFFA's to put on their April 2001calendars. If you want to be involved in planning the next one, contact Desiree at

I was privileged to re-award Jan Ellen and Mary Frances Fairfax with the "Virginia Prince Lifetime Achievement Award" that they had gotten in D.C. a week prior. Such deserving people. It was an honor. 

I was also honored to talk to those gathered about the Littleton court fight and to introduce Christie Lee Littleton to them. She is a charming person who has a tragic story of following all the government and medical directions and rules for over 20 years only to end up a widow and learn that the Texas courts have voided the legality of her marriage and declared her to be a vaginaed male. So cruel.

I was also honored to introduce Donald Skipwith, Board Member of the Texas Human Rights Foundation. THRF is financing Christie's legal fight. He spoke of how THRF voted without dissent to become B&T inclusive. He spoke of how pleased they were to continue their long history of helping in such causes, how they were pleased to work with this their first TG legal cause and how pleased they are that the Littleton legal team is headed and staffed by TG lawyers fighting for their own. Obviously, he passed out forms for folks to send in 501-c-3 tax deductible donations. (He is at

Today I got word that an article appeared in the Sunday edition of the San Antonio Express-News about Christie. Due to a lot of my work and with the help of my good friend Tere Prasse, Christie was portrayed in today's article as a human being with dignity and a tragic story that most folks will empathize with. As I write this I cry, I am so pleased that she now has a human face -- other than that of a freak tranny which was how she had been portrayed up until now.

For those of you who saw the story, please cut it out and mail to me at 5707 Firenza, Houston, TX 77035.  I expect that it will appear late tonight of tomorrow on the Express-News web site at [Ed. see articles]

Let us celebrate the vicarious winning of our dignity through her winning her dignity.


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